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Hello, everyone! My name is Janet Samson. I have been an English teacher for more than 10 years. I have taught different nationalities already, worked for different schools, and now I manage a group of teachers.
I had attended two universities under scholarship programs. My first course was Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, major in English, the second one is Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.
During my school years, I had been a consistent honor student, graduated Valedictorian in high school. In college, I had been a Dean's Lister for years.
During my teaching years, I was awarded as 'The Best Teacher'.

I would like to extend my service to you. I would like to offer Online ESL teaching. For 20USD/hr. you will enjoy the benefits of learning English online. I will help you improve your grammar, pronunciation, accent, spelling and so on. One hour will be split in two:
1. Free talk(30 minutes) - I use this method to determine my student's English level, to correct his pronunciation and accent, to make him more comfortable with the language, and to make him a better English speaker.

2.Online chatting (30 minutes) I use this method to correct his grammar and spelling. It will also teach him on how to be creative in writing.

So, if you think you need my help please contact me via skype as I seldom check my email.

skype name: Oreo.pinky
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thank you very much!

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