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I can help your business find Chinese products and negotiate prices and terms.

My name is Rose Ma. I am a sourcing agent in Xi'an city, Shaanxi, China. I have extensive experience in the export business, procurement, project management, and administration management in manufacturing environments of various industries.

Traveled extensively on business and worked in Britain, Australia, New Zealand & Europe. I have developed a great insights into both Chinese and Western business practices. I have seamlessly managed the interface between the two. With my experience of export business development, I understand customer needs well. I understand the standard requirements of oversea markets as well as the issues facing importers seeking products from China. That is why I can always approach my work from the standpoint of my client. My experience in manufacturing environments of various industries, and wide local networks enable me to find and manage qualified sources efficiently and professionally. My knowledge of factory operations helps me to handle every deal smoothly and in a timely fashion. I have established good relationships and I have achieved excellent support from suppliers. My expertise of both buyside and export sales and my manufacturing background adds great value to my services compared with those who only understand one side of trading or purchasing.

I have fluency in written & spoken English and Mandarin.

I am proficient at analyzing and solving problems. I am a fast learner and I have a good understanding of engineering practices.

I have good leadership and coordination skills.

Please feel free to contact me:
Mobile: 13891021209
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